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Our Blankets

Universal Thermal Covers specializes in the engineering, design, and fabrication or removable/reusable insulation systems.
Our team can provide field take-off at your site or provide the specifications from simple drawings provided by your staff.


The first step in designing your custom insulation blanket is by obtaining accurate measurements. We send a trained representative to your facility to quickly measure the equipment, those measurements are brought back to the facility and then are executed. 

 There is seamstresses & insulators. Our seamstresses cut customs patterns from our design team to fabricate high quality blankets. 
 Insulators on the other hand fill up the blankets with high quality insulation and then finish by closing them with staple guns. 

Universal Thermal Covers is packaged with labels (I.D. Tags) and detailed instructions to make

installation as simple as possible.  We can also provide experienced installers to take care of the

project for you.

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